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18 March 2018

Open Enrolment Levels Program

I don't want to have to control my dog - I want my dog to control himself! Good for Dogs has designed this system specifically for older puppies and young dogs, focussing on attention, self-control - and fun. A lot of the learning is done through games.

Open Enrolment:

There's no waiting for a course to begin, as there's a new intake every second week. You buy a package of 6 classes, with 8 weeks in which to use them. So business trips, holidays, sick kids etc., can all be accommodated without you missing out or falling behind! You can have as many packages as you like as you go through the Levels.


Everyone will progress at their own pace through the Levels. For instance, you may be working Level 2 for one behaviour, and Level 3 for another. As soon as a dog and handler team is ready, they'll move on to the next level.

We'll work on developing themes - e.g. down

Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Self-Control, Settle and Relax, Attention, and Tricks will all be included and clicker training techniques explored, as well as the popular tutored walks. This course will be suitable for teams who have already completed Good for Dogs! Puppy Classes. For those who have not attended classes before, see the Starter Courses.

It's up to you how far you want to go through the Levels. You will learn basic control and manners - opening the way to a dog sport if you wish - but you will also develop a new relationship with your dog which will astound you!

Priority is given to continuing students. Early booking is essential as these classes are proving very popular.

Click here to enquire about the next Good for Dogs! course, or call Beverley on 01684 566 805.

"I enjoyed every minute. It was all most informative and helpful."
Staffy owner,

"Excellent course - Can't believe the progress in 6 weeks."
Labrador owners,

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Home Visits

Pre-course visits are greatly appreciated. Most people are anxious to get it right from the start - put your mind at rest by having a visit in your own home. Learn the basics of training and management, and get advice on all aspects of having a puppy. Especially useful for people giving a home to a rescue dog.

Please feel free to discuss the possibility of a home visit by calling Beverley on 01684 566 805 or by using the Contact us Form.